Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hospital run

Today was one crazy day. I don't even know where to begin. A perfect taste of Indian culture would be a good way to describe it.
My group was on the medical team, and last night we were told that we were going to leave at 8:00, because we had to drive all the way to Chennai and be back by 2:00. We left at 9:30. We waited around that long for a driver to show up. Anyway, TJ finally shows up and we leave in this old piece of crap van. We took four students and then we picked up four old people from two different colonies. So we get to the hospital and TJ's like "You take him." and gives me a man and 1000 rupees. I'm like uh okay... So me and my leprosy patient walk into the hospital which is a total circus. I follow him around, thankfully he knows what he's doing, he gets a checkup, we wait in like five lines to get his meds and go back to the van. I have never felt so out of place in my life. Me Annie Marie, Kenady and Raegan were literally the only four white people in the whole place. Kenady said it felt like we were on the Amazing Race. "Here's a thousand rupees and a leprosy patient. Good luck."
Gah, so after that experience, we still had the drive home. We literally made seven stops. So we're just driving along, all of us have eaten (except TJ apparantly) and suddenly he pulls over and is like "You wait here." and then walk into a restaurant. So we're all like uh alright. After like 15 minutes Raegan finally goes to get him and he's just sitting there eating some fried rice. She had to like drag him out so we could leave. So weird. Then we drove for another while, stopped at two different pharmacies looking for meds that they didn't have, dropped off the four patients, went to the grocery store (which is the only stop we thought we were making) and then TJ pulls over at a gas station and whips out a water bottle to get some some for Veil's bike. Oh it was all so strange. It's like the whole day was moving in slow motion. We got back to school for then end of play time though, and then dinner which was good.

Oh my. I was attacked by a katydid as i was walking home tonight. It latched on to my heel and then i poked it and it jumped on my hand. I was freaking out. Oh and i forgot to say that i saw my first firefly last night! I feel like i'm in A Bug's Life. There is like zero wildlife in NYC.

We're on construction tomorrow, which i hear is super hard. But it's a set schedule, so no surprises like today.

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