Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today was the first day of the normal summer volunteer schedule. We were split into three groups of three. I am with Annie Marie and Kenady. We worked at the school reading, helping kids with powerpoints. We helped them right their letters to their sponors, and we did some tutoring. It was in the mango grove and we were one on one helping 1st std with their ABC's. So cute.
I got to know some of the boys in my family better during play time and after dinner.  We played a game called Caranboard (sp?) which they are all beasts at. After like five minutes Naveen was like "i help you" and that was the end of me playing.
Tomorrow instead of play time the volunteers are doing little classes that the kids can sign up for. I'm doing bracelet making because I heard they have a bunch of string laying around. All of my boys signed up for basketball... I was like, losers.

I told them to hold up their favorite letter for me.

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