Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today's been an awesome day! We worked so hard and it is so rewarding. We went to the first colony we went to when we got here. It's one of the biggest and most advanced ones. We got to meet the barber from the video. They're building a meeting house/town hall so we helped on the foundation. They brought five truck loads of dirt and dumped it and we had to shovel it into these bowls and carry it over and dump it. It was hard work in the intense heat but it was fun and it felt so good. I have never in my life had a constant flow of sweat dripping off my chin and nose. This is probably the fourth or fifth time on this trip that i've thought "This is the most i've ever sweat in my life." I really hope today was the last day i say that because i don't know if any more is possible. As we were working, we realized that our sweat is literally part of that foundation. I thought that was kind of neat. I also threw a centipede in there.

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