Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On a boat

We're on a plane right now to mumbai. We spent yesterday on a houseboat floating through the canals of Alleppey; the 'venice of the east'. It was really interesting, they have these canals that are elevated a few meters above huge rice paddies on either side with houses between. The water was literally a few inches below their doors. It all looked very precarious to me. The water is multipurpose apparently- they used it for washing clothes, cooking food, brushing teeth, and, sewage.
We had the boat to ourselves with a cook, a driver and a server. They brought us a lunch, a snack, a dinner, and then a breakfast. 40% of which we flushed down the toilet or threw overboard. No offense to them but we're just sick of indian food. And we really didn't want to eat the family-sized portions they were serving. At one point I was caught red handed walking down the hall with a napkin full of fried banana and creepy pancake in my hands. The server started down the hall, so I spun around and threw it onto the napkin on my mom's lap.
We got off the boat this morning and drove back to kochin. We had to kill some time before our flight so we went to a couple sights and then a mall where we got baskin robbins and cadburys chocolate. We know what to buy in india.
I'm really missing my loved ones back home. Awesome that the trip is only half way over. I'm excited though for thailand in a couple days. It'll be nice to just relax, I'm so tired after this whole deal.

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