Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh my cow

Hello blog world!
It's been such a long time since I've added a new post. Weird because for a couple months there I added a new one almost every day.
I probably haven't written anything because I've felt like my life isn't interesting enough for people to care about me writing about it. Well I decided F that, if people are here, reading this right now, they probably care enough for there to be something here for them to read. Anyway.

Since my last post I've gone on quite a few adventures. 
After India, me and my mother went together to Bangkok, Thailand. Being exhausted from our weeks of travel we took this time to relax and enjoy the many luxuries provided by this developed city. We took advantage of the great food, shopping, sights, and of course masseurs. We took a small trip to Phuket, an island off of mainland thailand and stayed in an awesome resort with pools, beaches and restaurants and went on a canoe trip around the little islands.

My mom then left for home after a week, and I embarked on yet another adventure!
I flew out of Bangkok to Laos, where I met my small group of teenaged friends that I would be spending the next two weeks with. For the next week, we drove through the Laotian countryside, stopping in small villages to meet locals, at roadside restaurants to eat, and in little towns to sleep in hostels. We saw many a rice paddy, ate many a noodle soup, and met many a terrified-of-white-people locals. We built up our knowledge of Laotian history over the week. One day we trekked up to some fields, sprinkled with giant bomb craters. Now here's a story for you. The night before this little trip, we were fiercely trained and warned about the dangers of unexploded ordnances. We learned about the many, many local children that have died from playing with little cluster bombs that had not exploded when dropped, but were still perfectly ready to detonate. So there we are, looking at the craters, when one of the kids in the group, Ben, calls my name. I look over at him and, in my horror there he is holding a little cluster bomb in his hands. "Do you think they'd let me put this in my carry-on?" No, I'm not kidding or exaggerating in the slightest. After a little while the rest of the group catches wind and come over and we're able to talk some sense into young Ben. He set the bomb down and we all make it out safe with all of our limbs intact. The poor kid never heard the end of how unfathomably stupid he was.
So, after a week in the small country of Laos, we crossed the border (by foot) into Vietnam. We then ensued a similar week, with much countryside driving. Being a slightly more developed country though, we were able to access some better food. We made stops including a beach- where several of our girls were groped in the crowds wading in the water, historical sights, a house boat, and then finished our week in Hanoi, the capital.

 Inside a crater
 We were invited into a house, and were offered water. It had things floating in it.
The asian squat
 We made friends with the local beach-goers
We liked these
 There was an empty outdoor club
 Just some food
 The group. Minus Oliver. Who knows.

I then returned home to New York, and had just over a week to pack up everything, take a quick trip to Boston, end my life in the city, and then fly to Utah, for good.
Since I've been here I've had some of the best days of my life. I've never enjoyed someone's company so much. I am as happy as I have ever been and I look forward to the rest of my life so much.
I am complete. I am whole. I am more than content.

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