Friday, June 4, 2010

Chennai Marriott Spencer's

All the volunteers left this morning at 4:00 (suckers) for Delhi. They're going to see the Taj Mahal and they get back sunday night. Me and my mom decided we didn't want to go because we'd already been and it would be so rushed anyway. So we came to Chennai and are staying at the Marriott instead. It's so funny, the Marriott is like an attraction here. If you tell an rso kid you're going there they'd be like oooooh.
So in true indian form we left two hours late, made five stops on the way before we finally got here.
We took a took-took to a mall called Spencer's and did a little shopping. That place is a mad house. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut. Oh my g... I swear the things that taste good in india... Like i would never go to pizza hut in the US. But here it's like the most delicious treat. I also got a JUGHEAD which is an amazing drink they sell at a little shop that Annie told me about. So, so good. Thanks annie, i love you.

Also, when we first got to the hotel, i felt like such an outsider. I felt like everyone was like, where the hell has that kid been living. I looked in a real mirror for the first time in like two weeks and i do look pretty rugged.

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