Monday, May 31, 2010


Today was so fun! It was like an hour and a half drive to the town, though they told us it was only 45 minutes. I just hate driving so much. Once we got there though it was a ton of fun. There was some good shopping. I got two pair of Aladdin pants, one of which i had made custom. I got a pair of custom sandals as well. I love india.
We went to the beach and to some cool ruins. We met a guy named Little Buddha that followed us around and was trying to be a tour guide and was flirting with Lauren all in hopes that we would come buy stuff from his shop. Anne Marie used her skills to get rid of him though.
We got home in time for dinner and to say goodnight to the family. That will be an east task every night i think because they're all old enough that they don't really need anything at bed time. We met Karthik though tonight because he got here this morning and i love him. He's so funny.

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