Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's bad.

When you're sitting there starting to read someone's blog, just listening to some music, maybe snacking on some vegetable chips. and then suddenly out of no where your music starts to sound crazy and you check your itunes and nothing's wrong and then you realize that this stupid blog that you're reading has music built in. So you go down and freaking pause the music that this person is forcing upon you, and continue reading. It's a good blog so you keep reading until the end of the page, and you go to the next one. You start and then again CONFUSION. Again you have to go down, pause, get over your annoyance, and continue. It seems to be a very popular thing and yes i must admit i was once part of it. But it's not okay. If you want me to listen to the music that you think is enjoyable, do it when i'm expecting it or else i will hate you.

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