Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Day

It's our last day at RSO today. I can't believe it.
This morning we went to a colony called moot. Mewt? There are only seven members there because all the rest have died off in time. They were all so sweet. There was one man there called sanjeeta(?) who was so hilarious. I was so entertained by him.
When we got home we worked on our session wall. It turned out pretty well! I think it represented our group well. We did some bricks at the bottom, symbolizing the foundation that we all helped build in the colony, a star with our hand prints in it and 'foundation for tomorrow' at the top, because we were the first session and all that. Pretty clever if you ask me.
We then had to go put our kids to bed. I was fighting tears the whole time. I'm going to miss those kids so much.
After they were all in bed, we came back and all the girls dressed up in sarees and we had a nice dinner and then a little program to share something each about our time here.
I refuse to leave.

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