Monday, May 24, 2010

First day

Well, a lot has happened today. We woke up this morning in our hotel in Chennai and met the other volunteers there. There are about ten of us i think. So we took the two hour bus ride out here to the campus. It's very nice. Everyone is so proud of it, it's all pretty new. It's in a very remote rural place. As we were driving through the little village that it's in, all the people were so excited to see us. We're the first volunteer group of the school year so they were happy to see us.
The heat is freaking crazy. I' having to prepare myself for being a waterfall the whole time. We're staying in the 'Elephant House', which is the hostel for all the volunteers. It's brand new along with an extension to the school, so it's nice. There are Indian toilets (a hole in the ground) for the most part, except there's one real toilet for "serious business". The showers are bucket showers, and we're only supposed to use one bucket per shower. I just took on and there was a frog in there with me. Not that i minded. It was kind of fun actually. It's just that it got me to wondering how exactly it got in there and what other kinds of friends wanted to join us..
One of the three dogs on campus died last night from a cobra bite.
There are so many details to mention about this place! I'm sure they'll come up in the next three weeks though.

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