Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Colony!

This morning we went on our first trip to a leprosy colony! It was so much fun. We set up a little medical thing in front of the old persons' home. They would come and we would clean their feet or hands before they were bandaged, and take their blood pressure and give them medications. The people living in that colony are so sweet. We walked through the art school and they were all so excited to show us their paintings (which were so good!). A few of us also went to visit some RSO students' houses and meet their families. Such nice people. They will all blabber on in Tamil and you just have to nod and pretend you know what the hell they're saying.
There was one adorable woman at the home who was once the principal of a school until she got leprosy, who now has dementia and who knows what else. I sat and 'talked' with her for a long time. She would start crying every once in a while. She broke my heart! As we were leaving she tried to get on the bus with us. I'm sure I'll get to see her again though.
They tell you about how hard it is to face these people with such deformities, but i feel so fortunate that i'm able to see past their disfigurement and see what beautiful people they really are so easily.
As we were leaving on the bus for the colony, a worker brought over two scorpions he had killed. Those things were freaking crazy. And we watched the cobra catcher (yes, they actually employ a cobra catcher) searching around.
The electricity has gone off and on literally at least fifteen times in the last five minutes. How fun.
We just got done sorting through all the library books and did our best to organize them. We still have to move them all down to the new library though, and we'll organize them again then.
It still boggles my mind how much sweat my body is able to produce. The feeling of opening our bedroom door and walking into air conditioned oxygen is beyond amazing. Sweat is broken by walking out to the kitchen for thee minutes. No joke.
After dinner we scrubbed down three classrooms, in preparation for the kids.

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