Friday, May 28, 2010

Mini adventure in the colony

Today was a super busy day. We went to another colony that's not used to visitors. I did blood pressure testing this time. We were the station the people cam to so we also had to deal with organizing their medical folders. We had 101 people this time. Yesterday was more like 40. So me and Kenady had their folders and we'd call them up by the name written on it. We finally got down to three and no one was coming up, so we had someone take up to their houses so we could see if they need washing/bandaging or not and to do diabetes and blood pressure testing. Anyway, we ended up having to carry a woman back to the van because she has such bad sores she couldn't even walk. Let's just say that she was not the tiniest woman you've seen... So once she got her care me and Teresa ending up having to carry her back to her house and Teresa freaking busted her back, I felt so bad. And Veil was right there with us the whole time! But he didn't feel comfortable carrying her i guess because of cultural stuff. Anyway we got her home, and then we had to bring a bunch of supplies to this man's house because he was too fragile to carry. Poor guy. He was so, so skinny.
I ran around that colony so much that i seriously have it memorized. Good thing.

Oh yeah, for breakfast this morning we had these things called Dosa. They're like rice balls and you dip them in different sauces. We've been having such good food here. Except it's really easy to get sick of Indian food pretty fast. Last night all me Eliza and Audrey were talking about was American food. I really could go for a frosty right now.

The people at these colonies are so cute. They are just so appreciative and sweet. I find it so amazing the things that they can do, even they don't have hands or feet a lot of the time. One guy rolled up on a little padded scooter things that he had made with wheels. Another guy though, had dragged himself all the way to where we were set up on some kind of rice or cement bag. So amazing.

Oh, that frog in the shower the first day? No big deal. Every time i go into our bathroom i never know what to expect. I found a little frog that had died mid-jump in the drain. And yeah, these bucket showers are seriously the most amazing things at the end of the day. Today, after not showering for three days. Ah-mazing!

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