Friday, July 29, 2011

Katy F'n Perry

Well, it happened. 

I went to the concert I had been waiting for for seven months.
100% met my high expectations and then-some.
I had the VIP treatment, including a Candyfornia pre-party, crowd-free merch shopping, first access to the pit, and you know, just the chance to hang with Katy.

Robyn opened. And she was amazing. I love her so much and she should definitely be headlining her own tour. 
The concert was held in a sold-out stadium, filled with the scent of cotton candy. It involved smoke bubbles, fireworks, foam guns, confetti, amazing dancers, at least a dozen costume changes, a cotton candy cloud for Katy to ride on, and just happiness.

About 10 semi's to carry all the gear.
Spraying us

So basically, I can die happy.

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