Thursday, April 21, 2011

Possible Minor Insomnia

Sometimes I can't sleep because my brain won't stop thinking about things. 

Tonight I'm thinking about how home is so stressful. Even though it could be a lot more stressful I feel like, I'm still super stressed out. By little things. And big things like school. I don't like to let myself be stressed out but it's happening anyway. I want to finish school with an almost perfect report card for the first time ever. And even though that is relatively easy here, it's still stressing me out.
People are also stressing me out. I want that to stop most of all.

I'm also thinking about this time a while ago when I saw my Grandpa Jensen and he looked at me and told me about when he was young in the 1940's, and girls would buy denim as tight as they could, and then sit in the bathtub to shrink it even more. He said that I remind him of this every time he sees me.
I'm glad they're able to put some of that elastic stuff in them jeans nowadays.

Oh I went to California last week for spring break and it was just about the best thing that could happen to me at that time. Except it has a lot to do with the stress previously mentioned because it made it so I never want to work again. Anyway it was good because I got to sleep as much as I wanted, and I never get to do that. If you've ever been to a zoo and went to the reptile house and have smelled that smell, you understand my pain when I say that I had to sleep in a bedroom with a snake a few feet away from my bed. The poor thing has probably had its cage cleaned twice in its whole life. There was poop smeared all over the sides and multiple poops laying around. I never really saw him because he's so depressed about the poop everywhere that he hides under his faux-rock at all times of the day. Also his name is Precious.
I went to Disneyland for the first time since this photo:
And yeah it was fun. Real fun actually.

Here's pictures:

Unfortunately we chose the hottest time of day to take a nap in the car.

We are cousins that love each other

I was glad that they had the Vaud flag UNLIKE the motel in Midway.

Her French Tips glowed on every ride

We also found these lovely portraits

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