Sunday, May 16, 2010

First entry from my journal

So, here i am on the airplane, destination: INDIA.
We've been in geneva for a week sort of as a long layover on the way to asia. We sorted through some more details on the road to getting my passport. Hopefully it will only take one more trip there and I will be an official swiss passport holder!
We stayed at the kimballs again. I realized really on this trip how much i love that family! It's always such a comfortable experience with them and i am just so entertained by them.
So most of the week was just kind of sitting around the house and relaxing. We ran our passport errands at the beginning and then at the end of the week spencer and sydney got off school so they played with me.
Friday me and katie g. went into geneva on a secret adventure. We wanted spir of the moment piercings. We went to a place called Tribehole because it had been suggested to me. i wanted my lobes and under my lip done, and katie her helix. Now is where the drama starts! So, we go in the room, i sit down, we choose a spot, and he pierces me. So i sit up and my stomach starts to hurt and i'm light headed. Next thing i know i open my eyes and the guy is standing over me like "WAKE UP". Apparently i had semi blacked out.. my eyes rolled back, my arms were flailing and i was grumbling. Katie was almost crying. So i'm like what the crap, that's embarrassing, i'm a freaking chicken. Apparently it happens to every 1 in 100 people and it has something to go with built up tension, and then releasing it. Or something. Anyway... he then asks me if i still want my ears and i'm like freak no. So yeah, that was the excitement for the day.
The rest of the weekend i partied with old friends and got to catch up with them, which was really nice.

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