Monday, June 7, 2010

Another day at school

It was school day again for our group today. Not super eventful but fun of course.
It was so, so amazing because the weather was awesome. It's been overcast for the last couple of days, and actually rained yesterday. So without the beating sun, being outside was totally bearable. At one point I was like wait... I'm not sweating?
It was an eventful day for the other groups. Apparently like 3 cars broke down, so they ended up combining and both doing medical. They go to so on lots of adventures. We were kind of jealous here at the school.
I'm so excited. I finally decided who I want to sponsor today. His name is Sanjay and he is so adorable.
Being a sponsor means that you donate $30 every month, and it goes towards food, school supplies, etc for the whole school, and you send letters with them. I'm so excited to see him grow up.
There are so many kids here that i want to sponsor (well, adopt really)

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