Saturday, May 22, 2010


I love experiencing different cultures. It can be so funny. We flew to Varanasi toady. The indians are not into having personal space. Waiting in a line is basically just crowding around the counter and shoving your papers forward. And they all seem to be in the biggest rush of their lives when inside an airport. Literally two seconds after the plane touched down there were five or six people standing up. And the the baggage claim... what a mess.

There's a cricket in our room. We can't find him though. But he's in here, and he's loud.

Our guide here told us that the city is 25 sq km and the population is 3 million. That is what you call a freaking crowded city. The traffic is absolutely ridiculous. He told us the three rules for driving here are:
good horn, good brakes, good luck.
As we've been driving around india so much i've notices what a sad, sad life the cows have. Indians consider them holy but yet they are so miserable. You would think they would get lots of love but the only good a lot of them get in literally trash on the side of the road. I saw one today chewing on a piece of rubber. It seems to me that by not killing any of them they're actually killing more. I don't know...

So we left udaipur at 5:30 this morning and got here around 1:30 or so. I'm getting so good at sleeping on planes and in cars... Pretty proud of myself.
We saw some ancient Buddhist artifacts/ruins today and then went to the Ganges to watch a ceremony that they do every night. It involved lots of incense and flower pedals and who knows what. Chanting.
But every single tourist that was on the plane was there.

The cricket has to stop...

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