Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This morning we drove here to Jodhpur. Just about the bumpiest most miserable ride in history. Though i was able to (somehow) sleep for part of it. We got here to the hotel which is freaking nice by the way and i went and sat by the pool. i wasn't out there long though because i was being baked alive.
Every hotel we stay at has like two other guests so everything is pretty creepy. All the workers freak out because we're the only people they've seen in like a week. The pool guy brought me over five towels, water, a cool rag, and then was pacing at the other side of the pool watching me... and when i left he seriously started following me into the hotel. So i ran to my room and locked the door.
We then went to this really neat fortress  up on the hill above the city. It was really old. We had a guide who made sure to go into great detail about every piece of stone on that building.
At one point we were looking at armor or something and this large group of Pakistani men come up to us and wanted to take pictures with us and chat forever. Two of them then followed us for the rest of the tour so i talked to then and we're best buds now.
Dinner was the same as last night. Literally the only guests in the freaking huge restaurant. So the waiters made sure to make up for everyone that had not come in by waiting on our every move. They wouldn't let us serve our own food.
Anyway... I didn't think i was going to have any technology on this trip, but it's been a lot more important to me than i thought to have my phone with internet on it. Just being able to talk to the few people that i truly love, even just a little bit is so great.

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