Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Stop: Geneva

Hello readers, (or should I say reader...gavin.)

I'm in switzerland.
I arrived to crap weather, though i hear that i brought good weather, so i'm glad i wasn't here a week ago, that's all i know.
The official reason we're here is to apply for my swiss passport, so we're doing that tomorrow. The whole thing is freaking confusing and my mom just barely assigned the responsibility to me, so that means that things are finally getting done now.
To get out of the house today i went into Geneva to run an errand and i was going to walk around but just ended up coming home because it was raining so hard. So as usual, i bought a demi-tarif and went and got on the regional. Like two stops away from mies the ticket guy comes and i'm like oh i'm such a good kid, i totally have a ticket, and i hand it to him. He looks at it and he's like... this is a tarif reduit, and i'm like yeah, i know, i'm 16. and he's like 16 and how many months? and i'm like 9 or so? Anyway, he gives me an 80 franc fine for buying a ticket which i always thought was a student ticket... turns out it's only up to 16. He was a brat. like... just charge me the extra 3 francs for a full-fare. Jerk.

Anyway, look the sun's out. i hope it stays out.

I'm hanging out with friends later in the week, so im excited for that.


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  1. Thats because you look 20 Soren hahaha. Nobody would believe that you were 16. Nobody. I wanted to go to Switzerland so freaking bad on this trip. And this is a journal Soren! Who the freak cares who reads it. Plus what's wrong if its written just for me! Got a problem with that?!